Updated Jaguar I-PACE charges faster

Software update for faster DC charging is finally coming to Jaguar I-PACE. Fastned already had the opportunity to charge the car after the update at its 175 kW fast charger and confirms that a level of about 100 kW is possible.

The graph shown below shows that the improvement is mostly in the low state-of-charge (SOC) when I-PACE can take up to about 105 kW (around 100 kW can be maintained between 10-40%). Power is slightly higher also between 60-90% SOC.

Jaguar I-PACE Can Charge At 100 kW After Update (Source: Fastned)

Assuming 105 kW peak and 90 kWh battery, the charging rate is up to 1.17C. The higher pace at part of the SOC probably can shorten the 0-80% by several minutes (probably roughly 40 minutes, which is in line with specs).

The update is to be available soon at Jaguar dealers:


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