Teslacam again captures a nasty wreck.

But the driver just keeps on driving as if nothing ever happened.

The standard dashcam feature on Teslas, called Teslacam, is really quite slick in that it makes use of cameras already on the car to record events.

More often than not, videos we see from Teslacam focus on wrongdoings on the road. Road rage is a common Teslacam theme, as are wrecks.

This particular wreck appears to show a drunk driver (the Tesla driver is convinced of this) in a Honda who smashes into the freeway wall. The driver continues on as if no crash occurred.

The wreck wasn't just a slight bump either. The Honda climbs the freeway wall quite a bit before coming down and continuing on in a swerve here and there type of way.

These videos are useful in that some have been submitted to authorities to catch offenders. We're not sure if that's the case with this one yet, but there seems to be enough evidence here to make a solid case against the driver.

Video description:

And then keeps going!

Watch the Honda in the Carpool Lane.

HATE drunk drivers! So ignorant and putting innocent lives at risk, for what, because you couldn't call an Uber or a friend? PLEASE PEOPLE, be 10% smart and don't drink then drive. Too many easy options are available to you. No excuse!

Fortunately, appears this one only has his own car to repair after slamming and climbing halfway up the wall on the freeway at 80 MPH, only to keep going! Still unable to hold a lane, weaving all over the place.

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