Tesla Autopilot saves the day yet again.

It seems not a day goes by without Tesla Autopilot preventing some sort of possible collision.

This video captures a Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot that moves out of the way of a car that was close to colliding with it after crossing lanes.

This is a bit different from those automatic emergency braking saves we've seen where Teslas stop themselves to prevent what could've been horrific crashes.

However, what's obvious once again here is that Teslas can react to these virtually unseen cars that come out of seemingly nowhere. And yes, the Tesla seems to be far better at reacting than a human driver in these rather unusual situations.

Watch the accident avoidance video here and let us know if you think you could've done a better job than the Tesla on Autopilot.

Video description:

While driving my Tesla Model 3 with Enhanced Auto Pilot and Navigate on Autopilot turned on, it identified a vehicle coming from the right lane and avoided a collision. It also assisted in getting my vehicle under control and back in the lane after over corrections I made.

My day could have ended up totally different for me and my family if I didn’t own a Tesla. Thank you Tesla!

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