Benchmark still today? It's growing kinda old, ya know.

We doubt it, but this isn't our review. Rather, this video review comes to us via the excellent YouTube channel Alex on Autos.

So, let's see what he thinks of the 2019 Nissan LEAF. This isn't the new Nissan LEAF e-Plus that's tested though, but rather the 40-kWh LEAF.

So then, how does the lowly 40-kWh LEAF fare these days even though it's getting very old (outside of the major exterior redesign and some other small changes).

Let's turn it over to Alex on Autos and his always amazing EV review videos for all of the details. Is the base 2019 LEAf worth your dollars?Or is the $35,000 Model 3 the better deal?

Video description:

The world’s best selling EV got a significant redesign for 2018.

Gone is the controversial styling in favor of a mainstream look that’s a hybrid of Nissan’s sedan and crossover lineup. The engineers also took the time to bump up the horsepower, increase the efficiency and goose the range to 150 miles for the base battery and 215 for the upcoming 2019 Leaf Plus model.

The one thing that hasn’t changed? The lack of active battery cooling which could be a competitive disadvantage for the longer range model.

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