Subdued yet stylish as heck.

We approve. Do you?

Wrapped in a satin grey, the gloss charcoal solid powder coated finish on the forged Vossen wheels blends in. The result is a new sleekness and wow factor for the electric Tesla Model X SUV.

We appreciate these tuned, yet not over the top versions of the various Teslas we've seen over the years from the folks at Novitec and Vossen. A bit dramatic in appearance, but not overdone.

What do you think of this particular Model X? Improved over the standard version or a step in the wrong direction? In our eyes, this is perhaps the best-looking Model X we've seen thus far, but beauty is, as they say, in the eye of the beholder.

Video description:

Our friends at Rautamo Norway came to visit Vimmerby, Sweden for the Vossen Owners Meet, giving us a chance to shoot their Novitec-kitted Tesla Model X on Vossen Forged CG-205T wheels.

Wrapped in a satin grey, the Gloss Charcoal solid powder coated finish blends right in, resulting in a new and improved sleekness for the electric SUV.

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