Here it is...

Okay, not quite. But clearly, this is the most accurate rendering of the Tesla Model Y we've seen to date, even if it's based largely upon the Model 3.

Following the release of the latest Tesla Model Y teaser, this render soon after appeared on Twitter (it's since been deleted). The basis for the render is the official teaser image (see below).

As you can easily see, the rendering brought to life the teaser released by Tesla. It has the same lines, silhouette and so on. The only questionable bits are the lower elements of the front fascia and the interior, neither of which can be seen by simply enhancing (Nice Try!) Tesla's teaser. So, those elements were imagined by the renderer (or rather, transferred over from the Model 3)

If this render proves even somewhat accurate, then the Model Y looks very much like a Model 3 (almost identical, in fact), though it's clearly a bit taller, which is fitting of its crossover designation.

What do you think of the rendered Tesla Model Y? And yes, we're aware it's a raised Model 3, but still isn't that what we mostly expect when it comes to the Y? Let us know in Comments below.

Tesla Model Y Rendered Into View From Newest Tesla Teaser

Image via Ryan Fay on Twitter

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