Mighty Model S versus Lambo.

Or, family sedan versus supercar.

Hmm...maybe electric versus gas instead?

This matchup pits the top-line Tesla Model S, the P100D, against the Lamborghini Aventador S. On paper, the Model S has the HP edge, but the Aventador is certainly no slouch.

Recently, we saw this same Aventador take down the Tesla Model X P100D SUV, but we all know the Model S is faster. So, which car will prevail this time around? Will it be the Tesla on top? Or will the Lamborghini capture another win?

Do note there are three distinct challenges here. One is the standing quarter mile. The second is a rolling race to 110 MPH. Lastly, there's a braking test. The Model S does win at least one of the challenges. But which one or more is it?  Let's watch and find out.

Video description:

This is it… The ultimate petrol vs electric showdown!

Yianni from Yiannimize is back with his Lamborghini Aventador S, and it’s going up against the Tesla Model S P100D!

Last time out the Aventador took down the Model X P100D thanks to its 6.5-litre V12 that can produce 640hp... But given the Model S P100D can produce 680hp, is petrol power still going to prevail?

There’s only one way to find out… Let’s race!

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