Could this be the Tesla Model Y?

It sure looks like it could, but we can't be certain.

We know that the Model Y will ride on the same platform as the Model 3. Furthermore, we suspect it will largely resemble the 3. However. it'll be lifted a bit, as it's a crossover.

Therefore, this image would be fitting of the Model Y, but there's just no info to go on and we suspect it's a clever photoshop.

All that’s officially known of the Model Y is limited to the teaser above and some hints from Musk here and there.

According to Tesla, the Model Y will be largely based upon the Model 3. This means its cost to develop should be on the lower side, though that doesn’t imply a low price tag necessarily.

The newest rumors, combined with info from Musk, indicate a base price $40,000, provided it’s offered with the smallest Model 3 battery pack. However, we don’t think that will be available on the Y and for certain, not anytime soon.

Previous rumors indicated Model Y would be a 3-row crossover, though that seems a bit questionable too.

The Model Y will be officially unveiled on March 14, which is just a week away.

Check out the image of what appears to be Tesla's upcoming electric crossover. Word is it may be a photoshop. Is it? You be the judge.

Here's the lone official Model Y teaser from Tesla:

Lead image via Mike McGinnis on Twitter - Shared from Reddit

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