20 favorable locations for fast chargers secured in Switzerland

Fastned, the Dutch fast charging network, recently won a tender by the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) for 20 fast-charging stations that will be installed in Switzerland along main routes.

This is part of a broader project, as FEDRO already allocated 100 locations - five tenders for 20 stations each. The other four tenders were won by 4 local Swiss parties: Gottardo Fastcharge, Groupe E, Primeo Energie, Alpiq (we previously incorrectly stated only about a tender won by Fastned, thinking that the remaining four are still open).

Fastned currently operates 88 fast charging stations in the Netherlands and Germany and is set to install its first also in the UK and Belgium. The latest win will enable to expand to Switzerland, which will be next step towards Fastned’s European network.

"With this tender FEDRO aims to provide quality charging infrastructure along the national roads in Switzerland. The sites for the charging stations will be contracted for a period of 30 years. The tender allocated 100 locations in 5 packages of 20 sites. All packages contain locations directly along the motorway and are spread out across Switzerland."

Besides the base 50 kW chargers, Fastned installs more and more 175 kW chargers, with an upgrade option to 350 kW.

Michiel Langezaal, Fastned founder and CEO:

"We are happy that the Swiss Federal Authority is making key locations available for charging infrastructure through a public tender procedure. This allows us to invest in quality charging infrastructure on high traffic locations. Adding these locations to our network provides more freedom to electric drivers and that’s what Fastned is all about.”

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