Progress is mounting as anticipated on Tesla Gigafactory 3 in China.

While the Tesla shorts and naysayers want to prove that the Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China will never come to be, we have new information and aerial footage that goes against that narrative. Honestly, what doesn't go against the narrative and what has Tesla not been able to eventually accomplish that was once doubted by haters?

It only makes sense that Tesla is pushing hard to get this monumental effort complete. China is a top market for EVs, so to stall would just be senseless. The automaker plans to build Model 3 and Model Y vehicles at the upcoming site in Shanghai, as well as battery packs, of course.

Once the factory is complete, or at least reasonably functional, Tesla won't have to deal with China's tariffs, scrutiny, and sanctions. Instead, it will be able to deliver its vehicles within the country rather freely, at least as far as we understand. New information says the factory may be ready as soon as May, though that may seem a bit out of reach.

This is just one of many Gigafactories Tesla plans to construct and operate across the globe. No other automaker is diving into EVs in any way close to that of the Silicon Valley automaker. Its battery factories, charging network, massive production, and delivery efforts prove this beyond any reason of doubt.

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