Small cars, big drama. And laughs!

If you watched the recent and incredible FIA Formula E race in Mexico City, you'll have been reminded that every contest in the series has a special feature: a race within a race, a mini battle in which two (or sometimes three) cars duke it out for a single spot higher in the standings.

This past contest saw a gripping drama play out between Lucas Di Grassi and Pascal Wehrlein, for example, as they fought for the top spot on the podium all the way to the finish line. Now, a new promotional video (above) meant to remind fans about next weekend's 2019 HKT Hong Kong E-Prix (Sunday, March 10) features a similar type of duel, but includes extra elements of surprise. And comedy!

The two cars in this commercial may seem exactly like the new season five machines -- they're battery-powered, quick, and have an identical body design. Their skirmish even happens on a street circuit, though without the confining walls meant to protect onlookers. They are, however, scaled-down RC (radio-controlled) versions. What they lack in size, though, they make up for in fun and agility.

We won't give away the plot, but let's just say that one car in particular experiences a crushing defeat. Literally!

After watching the footage, you may have an itch for your own Formula E mini-me. Though we couldn't track down any RC cars like the ones here, we did notice that the Formula E store does offer a 1:43 scale model that could be used to adorn your desk. And, at 20 British pounds (about $26), it won't break the bank.

Note: if you want to watch Formula E races in full, including every round from the current season, the InsideEVs Forum has a thread that collects them all.

Source: YouTube

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