The transformation to BEVs progresses

Sales data compiled by industry analyst Matthias Schmidt ( reveals all-electric car sales share out of the overall result for particular brands in Western Europe in January 2019. The results are quite interesting and sometimes surprising.

The highest share of over 13% is noted by smart, but it's hard to say whether smart can be satisfied when the brand soon will go all-electric in Europe, which would be a serious threat to sales volume.

Of course, the all-electric only brand Tesla is at 100%.

The second with a double-digit share is Nissan - above 10%. There is a high probability that Nissan will improve with the new Nissan LEAF e+ from summer 2019 on.

The biggest surprise is, however, that Hyundai is already third with 8% in January! The South Korean brand is limited by production constraints, which means that there is potential for >10% without any changes to the offer or new models.

Then we see Renault, below 6% and BMW at 4%, followed by Kia below 4%. Jaguar moves towards 3%, while Volkswagen is at 2%.

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