Irizar experiments with range extenders

Irizar - known for electric buses - is introducing an interesting electric truck called Irizar ie, which is equipped with a small CNG range extender. It's one of the options as other variations of the electrically driven vehicles are currently under development.

The Spanish manufacturer didn't reveal specifications, but according to the press release, the 8-meter-long truck (6x2 version) can carry 18 tonnes. The all-electric range will be of course be dependent on the battery pack capacity.

Switching to the electric drive enabled to design a cabin with a low driver position - kind like in buses.

"Comfort and safety were priorities in developing the cockpit. The low position of the driver’s seat, the width of the windscreens and side windows and ergonomic access to all the controls and the dashboard screen are features emphasized in the design.

The Irizar ie truck includes technology developed within the Irizar Group that has already been used for electric drive systems in its electric buses, energy storage and control electronics, in addition to the rest of the systems supplied.

The cabin was developed exclusively for urban applications. The cabin has a 4-person capacity and a single access stairway with the goal of ensuring safe transport for the driver and their companions. That fact makes the vehicle the one with the lowest access height on the market."

Presentation of the Irizar ie took place at the Sustainable Urban Mobility Congress (SUM) in February.

"Irizar is taking another step in its commitment to sustainable urban mobility by including the Irizar ie truck into its range of zero emissions products. This stylish truck is an innovative electric vehicle that responds to several market needs and makes it possible to drive in cities and urban areas without creating any atmospheric or acoustic pollution. "

Source: Irizar via Green Car Congress

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