Fortunately, the slippery surface appears to have lessened the impact.

The slippery, snowy surface may be partially to blame for this crash, but it definitely lessened the impact too.

The aftermath appears to show that everyone was okay, despite the major impact. The driver of the Tesla Model S, as well as what appears to be the bus driver, are both seen exiting the vehicles after the crash. Additionally, several passersby came to assist. It's worth pointing out that the Tesla immediately activated its hazard lights following the collision.

At fault is the transit bus. However, it's not immediately clear if the bus driver simply didn't see the red light or, more likely, if the bus just couldn't stop in time due to traveling too fast for the road conditions. It's probably a combination of both. Late reaction time and just simply moving too fast to bring the big, heavy bus to a halt.

Grab a look at the video clip above to watch as a bus blows a red light and t-bones a Tesla Model S.

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