What's it like to finally see your Model 3 arrive from afar?

This Tesla Model 3 reservation holder in the Netherlands just took delivery of his Model 3. As you can see from the video, Tesla's Tilburg factory is teeming with vehicles and many of them appear to be Model 3 sedans.

We do know that Tesla is continuously delivering vehicles to Europe and China. In fact, it has shifted essentially all production of the Model 3 for overseas markets. When Tesla first launched the Model 3 in the U.S., people had to wait month and months to take delivery. In addition, there was only one variant available and it took many more months before more options came to market.

While those in overseas markets have had to wait much longer, the situation is quite different. At this point, Tesla has made many improvements to the Model 3 and there are multiple configurations available. In addition, rather than delivering only a handful of cars over the course of many months, the automaker is able to more quickly deliver as many as it can ship to Europe and China at a time.

Interestingly, YouTuber Dan says he doesn't have a charging cable and Tesla didn't provide him with one since they're out of stock in the area. Wait ... a new electric car and no charging cable! Perhaps Tesla shouldn't be able to deliver these cars until the cables become available?

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Video Description via Dan's Tesla on YouTube:

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