The chargers looks rather impressive and we wish more gas stations follow this route.

The Model 3 Owners Club recently paid a visit to the Petro-Canada gas station in Milton, Ontario, Canada, to see the first fast chargers installed by the company.

Petro-Canada plans to install fast chargers at more than 50 stations along the Trans-Canada highway stations from Nova Scotia to British Columbia.

The first station is currently tested and free to use. Labels on the chargers indicate power output of up to 200 kW (CCS) and 50 or 100 kW in case of CHAdeMO, although it's not necessarily the real output in the test period. Additional Level 2 AC completes the trio.

The main message from Model 3 Owners Club is to come check out the chargers, give them a try and to encourage Petro-Canada to continue investment.

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