What about the Rivian R1S all-electric, three-row SUV?

Sifting through our drafts and published content, we came to the conclusion that we may have never posted the official premiere of the Rivian R1S SUV. Perhaps it got lost in the shuffle, since we spent so much time, as did Rivian, dealing with the R1T all-electric  pickup truck. At any rate, since the company's vehicles are hugely popular now and seem to be the real deal for a number of reasons, this surely deserves sharing.

Since the LA Auto Show, the Rivian R1T electric truck and R1S electric SUV have taken the nation by storm. What were once deemed potential new EV entrants seem to be much more of a reality at this point. Perhaps it's due in part to the plethora of mainstream coverage? Or maybe Amazon's decision to bite with a large investment. In addition, there's still a chance GM is working on a deal as well.

Regardless of any reasons, we've asserted all along that Rivian is likely the real deal. One would only that hope after years and years of time and investments, this would be no joke. Not to mention Rivian already owns a working production facility, has a plethora of cash coming in, and seems more than well on its way to building these vehicles in quantity.

The huge popularity of the upcoming Rivian vehicles means it's high time to share and celebrate. Since we never posted the premiere video of the R1S electric SUV, we've shared it above. Stay tuned for a multitude of additional coverage in the near future.

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