Probably software issues prevented fast charging

One of the first Tesla Model 3 drivers in Norway, Bjørn Nyland, encountered a problem with fast charging the car at one of the new 175 kW Hypercharger fast chargers installed by Fortum.

As demonstrated, the charging didn't start after connection and authorization. According to Bjørn and Hypercharger, there are two issues with the charging process - one with the charger, which maybe requires a software update and a second with the car, which apparently do not fully comply with ISO15118 (CCS communication specification). Tesla's over-the-air-update should solve the second one if that is indeed the case.

Interestingly, we didn't hear about problems at other fast chargers, including Fastned ultra-fast chargers (175 kW). The car was able to recharge also at the 50 kW ABB charger next to the Hypercharger.

From the video description:

Response from Hypercharger:

"We are already working closely with Telsa Munich on this issue. There is part of a fix in the new SW which we are going to roll out. But still it could happen that you would have to try several times, until the charging session starts. That other half Tesla has to fix it on their side since they do not comply with ISO15118 (CCS communication specification). We are still waiting on their answer, what they are going to do about it. I will let you know as soon we get an answer."

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