EVs go the distance.

NIO's vehicles completed over 14.8-million-km trip during the Spring Festival, Li Bin, chairman and CEO of the EV startup, said in a letter sent to NIO's EV charging service group on February 19.

He said that during the Chinese New Year holiday, nearly one-third of NIO's users took NIO cars on a long-distance journey. A local media outlet reported that a total of 13,207 NIO cars had been delivered by the end of January, 2019, which means the average journey for each user on holiday should exceed 1,000km.

The great amount of mileage must be supported by strong EV charging infrastructures and services. Li Bin also revealed that NIO fulfilled 16,600 times of one-click charging and battery swap services. In the busiest moment, a battery swap station served up to 22 NIO ES8s per day.

He pointed out in the letter that NIO has installed charging piles for 78% of users and had access to more than 100 thousand charging piles of State Grid and the third-party charging piles. Additionally, it has also deployed several hundred charging vehicles to charge nearby NIO cars.

“The only way to get understanding from society is to prove our value and strength with increasingly better products and services,” said Li Bin. He thinks that intelligent EV is not only a revolutionary direction that has been widely acknowledged by automobile and technology industry, but also a state strategy and a must-go road for China to become an automobile power in the world.

Source: Gasgoo

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