Now that's one quick semi.

Typically, when one pulls on an on-ramp behind a semi, you slow your roll. That's because a normal semi is rather slow to accelerate.

That's apparently not the case when it comes to the Tesla Semi.

A massive Tesla Semi is just too much for the Chevy Volt. The Semi quickly out accelerates the Volt on the on-ramp and even a Model X barely can keep pace.

This video clip, taken from within a Tesla Model X, shows the near insane level of acceleration of the Tesla Semi. In a flash, it pulls away from the Volt, leaving it in the dust.

Officially, specs for the Tesla Semi list the following:

  • Acceleration 0-60 mph with 80K lbs load – 20 sec
  • Speed up a 5% Grade – 65 mph
  • Mile Range – 300 or 500 miles
  • Powertrain – 4 Independent Motors on Rear Axles
  • Energy Consumption – Less than 2 kWh / mile
  • Fuel Savings – $200,000+
  • Expected Base Price (300 mile range) – $150,000
  • Expected Base Price (500 mile range) – $180,000
  • Base Reservation – $20,000
  • Expected Founders Series Price – $200,000
  • Founders Series Reservation – $200,000 * Prices displayed in USD. International pricing will vary.
Video description:

The Tesla Semi's acceleration smokes the freeway on-ramp.

In my Model 75D Uncorked I had to put the pedal down to catch back up.

This clip is from my spotting of the Tesla Semi's in their first commercial run from the Tesla Gigafactory to the Tesla Fremont Factory.

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