We can't even imagine what unique electric vehicle race is next on the "to do" list.

EV aficionado and popular YouTuber Bjørn Nyland has really outdone himself this time. To be honest, that probably really depends on your interests and how you look at it. Not long ago, we published Nyland's road trip race between a Nissan LEAF and Volkswagen e-Golf across wintry Norway. He alerted us that there were more similar "races" to come. While these are not your typical races, they are the epitome of real-world EV testing.

This latest edition puts Nissan and Volkswagen head to head yet again. However, Nyland has dialed up the utility considerably. We're talking about a race between two electric vans: the Nissan e-NV200 and Volkswagen e-Crafter. While the e-Crafter is super thirsty, the e-NV200 may suffer from Rapidgate, so it's an interesting matchup for sure.

Travel takes place in Norway, from the IKEA in Furuset to a gas station in Koppang. The 221-km (137-mile) course should take about three hours in normal conditions, plus charging stops. One can only assume that it will take much, much longer in these beasts.

Check out the video to see how it all plays out. Then, leave us a comment to start some conversation.

Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

Race between e-NV200 and e-Crafter

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