This Jaguar I-Pace win marks the first time an EV has won the organization's top award.

Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) presents its winners each year at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. Its two top awards are "Car of the Year" and "Utility Vehicle of the Year." Aside from the biggies, there is also a winner in each of several categories that are sorted by class.

This year, the Jaguar I-Pace took home AJAC's Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year award, making it the first time an electric vehicle has prevailed. Like most award systems these days, electric cars are separated into their own independent categories for individual "class" awards. Being that there's not a plethora of competition, it's not as big a deal when an EV wins a category referred to as "Best EV." However, when an electric car can top all competing gas-powered cars to win a major award, this is much more compelling.

With that being said, we still can't completely ignore the fact that the I-Pace also received AJAC's Best Premium EV in Canada for 2019 award. So, this year, the I-Pace earned itself two awards. The only other electric vehicle to earn an award for 2019 is the Chrysler Pacific Hybrid. Much like the I-Pace, it received AJAC's Best EV in Canada for 2019 award. The Pacifica can't compete with the I-Pace in the "Premium" category, but it still knocked out all other rivals as the best "non-luxury" EV.

Jaguar I-Pace, Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Awarded At Canadian Auto Show

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