What does an owner of a Tesla Model S think of Audi's electric SUV?

Our friend Alex from E For Electric was in Spain last week with Audi for an e-tron press drive. Alex is a current Tesla Model S owner and also a reservation holder for the e-tron. He was happy to finally get some extended time behind the wheel of the upcoming electric offering from Audi, and share his thoughts with his followers.

Audi arranged an extensive off-road course for the press drive, and Alex expresses his approval of the e-tron's off road capabilities. There was also some track time for the participants, and Alex has some video of that too.

Uniquely, there are very few video test drives of the Audi e-tron and, of course, even fewer by an electric car owner. Add in that this review comes from a Model S owner and you can sense the level of rarity here.

Check out the video for the full report on the Audi e-tron.

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