Cold weather, with snow and snow tires. The perfect recipe for reduced range.

Let's test it out.

The Performance version of the Tesla Model 3 gets tested in cold weather to see the impact on range. Additionally, with snow tires fitted, we see how those affect range.

We love these real-world, real-life tests. This sort of test can't be conducted in a lab. Furthermore, your results will always vary. Therefore, the more and more tests conducted, the better we get to understand the effects of stuff like snow, cold and so on.

Check out this post - Here’s How A Tesla Model 3 Actually Fares In The Winter - for more on range loss in a Model 3 in the winter.

Click play in the video above to see how the Model 3 fared as a result of the conditions.

Video description:

Model 3 Cold Weather Range Loss Test - Tesla Model 3 Review!

We're testing Model 3 cold weather issues in this road trip from the Seattle area down to Portland! If you're curious about the Tesla Model 3 in the snow and how it performs, this should give you a good look. Most important to me was seeing the Tesla Model 3 cold weather range while driving around in the Performance model. One thing to note is that I have Sottozero 3 winter tires on my Model 3 Performance Model. Not the 20" summer performance tires that it came with.

As you see in the video, the battery loss is very apparent when looking at the range that Tesla estimated versus what we were actually getting as we drove in the snow and cold temperatures.

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