Some people will do anything to avoid using reverse.

***UPDATE - We've found a post from the owner of the car explaining the situation in a Facebook post (embedded below). Apparently, the car, which was somewhat, but not super-low on energy, refused to engage reverse gear. After charging up, it worked properly. Weird.  

The Tesla Model S comes fully equipped with a reverse gear as standard equipment Heck, even the Radio Flyer version of the all-electric sedan has a reverse gear. So, what's going on in this picture? We wish we knew because, like you, we have questions.

The picture, which we found on the My E-Life Now! Facebook page (embedded below) unaccompanied by any sort of explanation, appears to show a gentleman calming watching a Model S as it sucks electrons from a Tesla Supercharger. He seems blissfully unaware of the fact that he is in contravention of rule nine of the top ten (formerly-unwritten-but-now-written) Supercharging  etiquettes. That is, "park properly."

For what might seem like obvious reasons, we won't even mention the fact that he should be using the station on the other side of his car (if it is, actually, his car). We're also going to refrain discussing the fact that standing outside your car while it charges for half an hour or so is kind of weird.

If you have any idea about what's going on here, please feel free to enlighten us in Comments. For our part, we thought it may have something to do with either a faulty gear selector or an extreme aversion to backing up. However, it's clear that when they decide to leave, reverse is likely going to be necessary. For now, we're going to file this under "Things that make you go hmm."


Source: My E-Life Now!

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