Charging point level? Grand master!

Tesla enthusiasts further explored the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium, where Tesla shipped the first volume delivery of about 1,400 Model 3 in Europe. While there, they spotted a massive charging station for cars that are unloaded.

According to Tom Randall, there are 300 charging points - reportedly 11 kW supplied by EVBox.

We guess that the cars are not fully charged when sent to Europe (for safety reasons) so they need to be recharged. That's after two-three weeks on the ship before trucks will take them to customers at delivery centers.

300-some 11 kW stations would require over 2.2 MW, which shows us how big of an endeavor it is. Could you imagine having this many places to plug in say at your local Walmarts or shopping center?

We now wonder, as does Randall, is there any other single site in the world with more than 300 chargers? Is there? If so, let us know in Comments below.

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