An in-depth look at the Model 3 in the winter.

Engineering Explained finally provides us with a highly detailed video on the Tesla Model 3 winter driving characteristics.

What's very unique in regards to this particular Model 3 winter/snow video is that in typical Engineering Explained style, no detail is overlooked.

For example, the discussion ranges from Model 3 mid and long range, onto Model 3 Performance. It touches on which tires each variation comes with as standard, as well as discussing the benefits and drawbacks of various tire choices. And did you know the various versions of Model 3 have different ground clearance? Now you do.

Additionally, AWD is a focus of the video, as is slip start and track mode.

In a few words, no rock is left unturned and that's why we appreciate Engineering Explained whose level of detail is really unmatched.

Video description:

Is The Tesla Model 3 Good In The Snow? How Tesla's AWD Works

The Tesla Model 3 Mid-Range and Long Range AWD both come with all-season tires. The Model 3 Performance comes with summer tires. Either way, ideally you'll want winter tires for snow driving. Tesla offers various options through its website for 18, 19, and 20-inch wheels with winter tire pairings. This video will discuss the advantages and drawbacks of each tire selection, as well as other options.

The AWD system consists of two independent electric motors, each sending power through open differentials to an individual axle (both front and back). There are also differences in ground clearance between the various model 3 variants, which will be discussed. Slip start and track mode will also be tested. How well will the Model 3 handle snow? Check out the video for full details.

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