The music sets the mood.

There's snow. It's on an incline. Curves lie ahead. Yet the Tesla Model 3 manages without fault.

In a word, the conditions could be described as dangerous. Basically, it's the perfect storm of bad road conditions. This Model 3 AWD isn't even equipped with snow tires (stock 18-inch aero FTW). That wouldn't be true of most vehicles in the Tahoe area, where snow tires are often installed.

We've seen no shortage of these Model 3 winter driving clips, but this particular one is serene and beautiful, aside from that lone gas-chugging truck that passes by. The lone passing truck further seems to indicate that the roads are bad. We say that because you'd probably expect to see more than a single car out there otherwise, right?

Take a look at how effortlessly the Model 3 moves in the clip below.

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