Like golf carts, of course.

Or some funky, out-of-this-world creation that's not at all appealing.

There's no way something as state-of-the-art as an electric car can look at all normal, right?


It turns out that the typical production electric car can often go unnoticed, as it sometimes very closely resembles a gas or traditional car.

Yes, there are some wacky concept EVs out there and even some odd-looking production electric cars, but that's the exception, not the rule.

By in large, an electric car looks conventional, though often minus the front grill.

However, this clip from Volkswagen shows that the public still believes electric cars look funky. That's not at all true when you compare the VW e-Golf to the Volkswagen GTI though.

Video description:

We think you'll be as surprised as us to hear what the public thought an electric car looked like!

Find out what they had to say before and after comparing the e-Golf and the Golf GTI.

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