Does going electric save truck fleets money?

Global supplier of vehicle powertrains -- Dana Incorporated -- just launched a new cost of ownership tool for fleet owners to compare diesel trucks to all-electric trucks. The calculator takes user-provided details and translates them into a total-cost-of-ownership equation.

Trucking info explains that total cost of ownership factors in fuel (gas or electricity), related infrastructure/equipment, and various other data to come up with a cost per mile, as well as a yearly cost of operation.

Fleet owners and other interested parties must supply a small amount of information, via an interface that is easy to understand and navigate. Once the calculations are complete, the user can switch back and forth between the all-electric costs and diesel costs in order to compare details. The tool also offers a side-by-side comparison for ease of use.

If an owner has specific details about their current vehicle(s), the calculator will allow them to enter those. This way, figures like starting cost, taxes, maintenance, etc. can be accounted for. However, in the event that the owner doesn't have those specifics on hand, the tool will account for an average estimate.

Being that the calculator is adaptable and allows much user input, it can prove helpful comparisons for many various situations. It also offers global measurement units and different currencies. In addition, Dana says its tool will be updated periodically. Eventually, it will be able to estimate other powertrain choices.

Source: Truckinginfo, Dana

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