33% range loss due to cold.

Stop to charge as often as needed when it bitterly cold, even if you have an electric car with lots of range like the Tesla Model 3.

We're talking negative 30 degrees with wind chill here and that's crazy cold. And the range loss is very noticeable.

Later on, the temps warm up to -25 with the wind chill, which we mention here because it's a headwind, which kills range too. Then eventually, temps creep up towards zero, which begins to lift range up a bit.

This endeavor showcases the importance of many chargers along the way. Most importantly, the Tesla Supercharger network seems up to the task here, despite the bitter cold.

Even more amazingly, he sleeps in the car, despite the frigid temps. Would you attempt such a feat? Brr....

Watch the video clip above to see the bitterly cold journey across much of the U.S.

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