For some, this Tesla Model 3 feature could come in really handy.

After a few reviews surface about a new car, many subsequent reviews are much the same. This is because journalists read the previous reviews for insight. Due to this situation, many an article references the same set of features. Tesla vehicles come loaded with interesting features not found in many competing models. It seems owners are still discovering new details and quirks. This may also be due to the fact that virtually all Tesla Model 3 features are controlled via the car's touch screen. It turns out the Tesla Model 3 has a helpful feature that has seemingly gone unnoticed by many.

The Model 3 features "Hill Hold." If you're a long-time Tesla owner -- and especially one that lives in a hilly area -- you're probably well aware of this feature. However, many owners are not. Essentially, if the car is stopped, you can depress the brake pedal for an extended period and/or push a button on the touch screen to keep it in place, rather than having to continue depressing the brake pedal. Once you're ready to proceed, you can either tap the brake (which will send your car in whatever direction gravity decides), or push the accelerator pedal to disengage the feature.

We drive in Smoky Mountain National Park on a regular basis. This feature would be ideal in such an area. But, honestly, it may be just as convenient when you're sitting in a driveway waiting to pick someone up or prepping to head out.

Did you know about Tesla's Hill Hold feature? If so, in what other situations may hill hold come in handy? In addition, let us know if the feature works well and/or if there are any issues we should be made aware of.

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Model 3 Hill Hold Feature | Tip of the Week

This week's Model 3 Tip is on the Hill Hold feature!

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