A Volt instead of a Model S?

If you're in the market for a Tesla Model S, consider buying a Chevrolet Volt instead.

Say what? That's a super odd statement right there.

But it's not without merit. The Chevy Volt is a mighty fine electric car and on the used market, it's super cheap. Furthermore, it drives amazingly on electric and offers pretty solid range.

Now, we wouldn't consider the Volt an alternative to a Model S or even a Tesla Model 3, but for those interested in dipping their feet in electric, you could do much worse than a Chevy Volt. Unfortunately, Chevy has decided to kill off the Volt, so it's goodbye to one of the best plug-in hybrids ever made.

Video description:

If you're one of the millennials who would love to have a Tesla Model S, there's an alternative with many of the same virtues of the Tesla and brings with it many practical advantages.

It's one you might not have considered before. It's the humble, yet quirky, Chevrolet Volt.

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