Fastned expands to Germany, hopes to install 1,000 stations in Europe

Fully Charged once again featured Dutch fast charging network - Fastned, which is one of the best operators in terms of approach (multi chargers stations, up to 175 kW) and reliability.

The good thing at Fastned is also high visibility of the stations and a roof (with some solar cells embedded for additional power), really appreciated when the weather is not so good.

"Although we've previously covered the Fastned Network in the Netherlands, they are moving ahead with the technology (175 kilowatt chargers) and the area they cover. There are Fastned charging stations opening soon in Newcastle and Sunderland in the UK. And they look wonderful and are easy to spot as you drive along."

Fastned is currently expanding its network beyond the Netherlands - almost 10 stations were opened in Germany. Long term ambitions reach 1,000 fast charging stations in Europe (compared to less than 90 already installed).

Fastned currently doesn't see much need for energy storage systems at sites, because usually, it has plenty of power from the strong grid, but when the stations will be bigger, like 20 ultra-fast chargers at one site, it's will be a must to handle peak demand.

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