Ford doesn't make them, so XL will.

XL soon will expand its offer by adding the plug-in hybrid Ford F-250 pickup truck, which will be introduced at the NTEA Work Truck show, March 5-8 in Indianapolis.

Just like in the case of the XL Ford F-150 PHEV, the F-250 will get a driveshaft-mounted electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack, which enables assist for the engine when accelerating and regenerative braking, significantly lowering fuel consumption and emissions. The batteries can be charged externally through a standard J1772 plug.

The F-150 was equipped with 15 kWh battery behind the cab (see specs here).

XL says that the F-150 PHEV was in 2018 delivered to "municipal and utility fleets including CPS Energy, Tacoma Public Utility, City of Palo Alto, and many more".

"As with the PHEV F-150, which has been proven to provide up to a 50 percent MPG improvement and 33 percent CO2 emissions reduction, the PHEV F-250 will include a driveshaft-mounted electric motor powered by a lithium ion battery pack that can be charged using standard level 2 and 1 chargers.  The truck will also feature regenerative braking, enabling it to store energy in the battery while slowing and then use that energy to help propel the vehicle during acceleration.  Because the XL plug-in hybrid electric system works in parallel with the factory gas-powered engine, fleets will not need to be concerned over vehicle range, performance or infrastructure requirements, and XL’s Ford eQVM certification ensures that all standard OEM warranties on the vehicle will remain intact.

Product specifications will be available during the NTEA show, and XL will display a PHEV F-250 in its booth (#3175).  The company will be holding a press conference in its booth on Wednesday, March 6 at 3:40 PM to formally launch the vehicle to the fleet industry.  For more information about the PHEV F-250, including early access to the details that will be made available at the show, fleet managers can also visit"

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