EV truck sales expected to increase beyond 100,000 by 2029

According to the Visiongain report about the electric truck market, the potential is huge - up to $37.2 billion in just 10 years from now.

Assuming an average price of the electric trucks, we could estimate the sales volume:

  • at $100,000 per truck - 372,000 trucks per year
  • at $200,000 per truck - 186,000 trucks per year
  • at $300,000 per truck - 124,000 trucks per year

Of course, truck pricing depends on if we're assuming electric pickup trucks for the consumer market, or larger commercial semi trucks. It will surely be a mix of both.

As the global all-electric bus market hit 90,000 per year, we could probably assume that sales of trucks will also be in the six-digit range, especially 10 years from now.

Source: Electric Truck Market Report 2019-2029

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