China now has more Long-range versions to choose from than the U.S.

Today, Tesla expanded its online design studio for the Chinese market by adding the rear-wheel-drive Model 3, which means that the price starts now around $10,000 lower - about $64,000.

Orders are being accepted, but only time will tell how many cars will actually be sold before the eventual rise of the import duty, which in December was temporarily decreased from 40% to 15%.

There is not a hint about the Mid-range RWD version, while the base Standard battery versions are to be produced locally in about a year from now.

Tesla Model 3 in China:

  • Long-range RWD: 433,000 yuan (≈$64,200)
  • Long-range AWD: 499,000 yuan (≈$74,000)
  • Long-range AWD Performance: 560,000 yuan (≈$83,000)

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