Don't try this at home.

This video presents the Tesla Model 3 screen as it gets attacked by various sharp objects in an all-out effort to scratch it.

It's a horrifying clip. Trust us. This one is not easy to watch.

Leave it to the YouTubers to try to scratch the Model 3 screen with various objects. Yes, it will scratch. That's a given, but at what point does this happen?

The guys go all out here in an effort to really mess up the Model 3 touchscreen and we'll clue you in on the result. It scratches. Badly. But that was the point of the video.

See the damage and destruction for yourself in the video clip above. Note, it's not for the faint of heart. Cringe...

Video description:

Big question. Does the Model 3 screen scratch? Yes, but at what level?

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