Outlander PHEV is responsible for 3.5% of Mitsubishi sales volume

Mitsubishi noted an exceptionally good year in 2018, as business recovery under the wings of Nissan is going at full swing with sales growth up 18% to 1,218,897 cars.

The updated Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is growing even faster thanks to the introduction in North America. In 2018, some 42,337 were sold (up 64.3% from 25,767).

The Outlander PHEV sales are 5.5 times lower than the standard Outlander, but a year ago it was 8.3 times lower, so the improvement is clear.

Overall, Outlander PHEV accounts for 3.5% of total Mitsubishi volume (compared to 2.5% in 2017).

Here are results in a few select markets:

  • UK - 8,701
  • Japan - 7,003
  • Canada - 5,270
  • U.S. - 4,166

Mitsubishi Global Sales 2018

Mitsubishi Global Sales 2018
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