Clarity PHEV crowned plug-in hybrid champ in U.S. last month.

Believe it or not, for the second time ever, the Honda Clarity PHEV topped the plug-in hybrid sales chart.

By logging a confirmed sales total of 2,770 units in December 2018, the Clarity PHEV outsold all of the other plug-in hybrids offered in the U.S. Then, it again topped the PHEV sales chart in January by edging out the Toyota Prius Prime. Clarity PHEV sales for January checked in at an estimated 1,192 units.

The Clarity’s rise to the top comes shortly after Chevrolet announced the death of the Volt. With Volt sales now dwindling, the Clarity PHEV’s only real challenger is the Toyota Prius Prime, which it narrowly outsold last month. Prius Prime sales checked in at 1,123 units. So, the race is tight.

However, if we include pure electric cars in the mix, only the Tesla Model 3 outsold the Clarity PHEV. We estimate Model 3 sales at 6,500 in the U.S. in January, so it wasn't a close contest here. But the Clarity PHEV did outsell the other two Teslas - Model S and Model X.

The Clarity PHEV is spacious for a plug-in hybrid. Additionally, its electric range is on the high side at 47 miles, which is only outdone by the Volt’s 53-mile electric rating.

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The Honda Clarity comes in three distinct versions. There’s the aforementioned plug-in hybrid, which is the highest volume car of the trio. However, Honda also offers a pure battery-electric version, as well as a hydrogen fuel-cell Clarity.

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