It's a tough question that may never have a definitive answer.

As we always say, the car you choose comes down to your priorities and budget. However, what if both vehicles meet or exceed your priorities and are financially attainable? This may be the case for people considering a new Tesla Model 3 or used Model S. While we've shared a few articles and videos about this topic, there's probably not a more trusted YouTuber than Bjørn Nyland when it comes to all things Tesla and/or EV-related commentary.

If it seems like Nyland has been at this forever and has tested just about every EV on the market, it's because it's true. Yes, Nyland is an admitted Tesla fan and owner, which arguably makes him an authority regarding the Silicon Valley automaker. However, that doesn't stop him from remaining admirably objective. What does he have to say when comparing two Tesla vehicles?

Nyland looks at both cars in detail to help you make a decision. Overall, he points out that the Tesla Model 3 is more efficient, which means faster road trips. He also prefers its Autopilot technology due to its up-to-date hardware. Still, the Model S has more cargo volume, a better battery/drive unit warranty, an actual instrument cluster, and, in most cases, free lifetime Supercharging.

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Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

New Model 3 vs 2nd hand Model S


Gallery: New Tesla Model 3 vs Second-Hand Model S: Video


Gallery: New Tesla Model 3 vs Second-Hand Model S: Video

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