Six inches of snow on an unplowed street can't stop this Model 3.

Believe it or not, this Tesla Model 3 is just rear-wheel-drive. It's not the all-wheel-drive version. Even more surprisingly, this Model 3 has OEM all-season tires fitted. No snow tires here. Therefore, even better snow performance could be obtained with just a simple tire swap.

In general, Teslas seem very capable in the snow. This is likely due to the low center of gravity and the linear power output of the electric motor (s). But as we've seen now in tons of Model 3-specific videos, Tesla's smallest EVs seems to perform admirably in the slick stuff.

This particular video focuses not only on snow driving, but also on some other known Model 3 issues in cold weather. This owner doesn't encounter those problems, but several others have in fact complained of Model 3 quirks in the cold.

Video description:

Excuse the clickbaity title- the Tesla Model 3 is literally NO PROBLEM in the snow. A good 6 inches dropped in Chicago overnight. No frozen doors, no frozen charge port, zero pre-heating. Everything works like a charm.

This is a RWD car, with the OEM STOCK 18" Aero "all season" tires. Watch me drive through unplowed streets of Chicago effortlessly. Gasp in horror as I reveal that I don't have snow tires. Stay for the drama where my car corners, starts, stops, goes in and out of parking.

The Tesla Model 3 is an engineering marvel. This is a perfect car. When they begin producing the standard battery for 35k, you really will have to have a very specific reason to buy another car (needing more space or whatever). There is no safer car, there is no greener car. You should buy this car.

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