Warm up your hands at the virtual fire before watching this clip.

It's rather serene watching this clip of a Tesla Model 3 sliding around on a slick, snowy surface. And that Track Mode allows just the right amount of slip, it seems.

Sure, it's just some good ol' fun, but that's fine by us. In fact, we can probably all recall the days in which we first experienced snow in a car. And, then again, in a new car.

There's that certain feel of excitement sliding any car on the snow when conditions are just right and it's all that much more enjoyable when you can share that experience with the rest of us who've yet to be behind the wheel of a Model 3 in a snowy parking lot.

Video description:

What do you do for fun on Sunday afternoon?

The answer to that is obvious, isn't it? You go slide around on teh snow in your Tesla Model 3, of course.

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