We must remember, EV education is a primary goal.

While we try to spend most of our time bringing you the latest news surrounding EVs, we have to continue to remind ourselves of the utmost importance of EV advocacy. In addition to promoting EVs, we try to provide educational articles for new and soon-to-be electric car owners. Lack of information is one of the biggest obstacles that restricts EV adoption. On top of this, we find it refreshing to see new YouTubers with few followers and views, who attempt to educate and inform EV owners, despite the fact that they're clearly not making money or winning referral-based incentives.

YouTuber MrKristel runs a small DIY YouTube channel, in an effort to help people with various tasks. He also happens to be a new Chevrolet Bolt EV owner. Since he doesn't cover Tesla, very few people have watched his informative, well-produced video share. In fact, sadly, few viewers have watched any of his videos. If you own an EV and haven't yet invested in an EVSE for home charging, this video should help immensely. Additionally, if you're considering buying an electric car, this video should give you a solid idea of what you need to do to prepare your home.

Check out MrKristel's educational video and let us know your take in the comment section below. Please remember, as EV owners and advocates, it's part of our job to help and inform newbies.

Video Description via MrKistel on YouTube:

Electric Car Charger Installation, Bolt EV Level 2 Charger Install

A video demonstrating the installation of a at home, level 2 electric vehicle charger. I show how I installed a Siemens VersiCharge EV charger in a garage to charge a 2019 Chevy Bolt EV. This is a hardwired car charger install demonstration where the EV charger is wired directly to a 240 breaker inside the house electrical panel.

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