If you don't have Tesla-money but want to drive Tesla-ish EV

Here is the Xpeng G3 all-electric car from the Xiaopeng Motors start-up. Yes, it's inspired by the Tesla.

As you can see from the walk around video, there is a lot of similarities between the Xpeng G3 and the Tesla Model X, although it's a way simpler, more affordable model, which in top version costs around $38,000 before subsidies.

With a battery half the size of the Tesla, and an electric motor much less powerful than Tesla, it would probably be competitor to Hyundai Kona Electric.

Xpeng G3 specs:

  • 0-50 km/h (31 mph) in 3.7 seconds
  • 145 kW electric motor
  • up to 365 km (227 miles) of range (NEDC)
  • 47.6 kWh battery
  • 0-80% fast charging in about 30 minutes
  • prices from 227,800 to 257,900 CNY ($33,500-$38,000) before incentives in China
  • prices from 135,800 to 165,900 CNY ($20,000-$24,400) after incentives in China

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