What impact do dark, wet roads have on Tesla's semi-autonomous navigation technology?

Not long ago, Tesla released its Navigate on Autopilot as an over-the-air update. It's an active guidance feature for the automaker's Enhanced Autopilot. Like all Tesla Autopilot technology, the system is a beta product that will receive incremental updates over time. Thus far, we've shared a number of videos showing the feature in action, and it seems to fare pretty well in many situations. However, people have asked how it will perform at night and on wet roads. YouTuber Our Tesla Life sets out to provide the answer.

The video shows footage of a trip from Newport Beach to Westminster, California. The trip not only shows open road driving, but also driving in heavy traffic. The Tesla Model X handles lane changes well, however, the system is quite cautious. Oftentimes, the driver takes over to make the lane change quicker. He says, in his opinion, Navigate on Autopilot is about 99 percent trustworthy in good conditions. Even in relatively bad conditions, he still believes it's about 90 percent effective. With that being said, if the weather worsens, the technology simply won't suggest lane changes or take exits.

Have you used Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot? What do you think? Please share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via Our Tesla Life on YouTube:

Navigate on autopilot at night and in the rain

Drove my Tesla Model X from Newport Beach CA to Westminster CA at night in the rain with Navigate on Autopilot.

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