Even the walls will fight with air pollution

Porsche is testing an unusual solution to keep the air fresh and healthy. The idea is to use nitrogen dioxide-absorbing surface technology on buildings.

At first, small parts of the facade of the new factory built for production of the Porsche Taycan was covered with the absorbing material. Depending on results, entire buildings will be covered, which in theory could bring similar effect like having a small forest at the factory.

"The facade elements are made of aluminium coated with titanium dioxide. The coating acts as a catalyst and breaks down the absorbed pollutant particles into the harmless substances water and nitrate when exposed to sunlight and with only low air humidity. In a first pilot project, Porsche is testing the NOx-absorbing high-tech facade on an area of 126 square metres. This design already performs the work of ten trees on an area with a size of just ten parking spaces. "

Albrecht Reimold, Member of the Executive Board responsible for Production and Logistics at Porsche AG said:

“If the evaluation of the results confirms our expectations, nothing stands in the way of using nitrogen oxide-absorbing surface technology on other buildings and surfaces,”.

“Sustainability is a big picture that is made up of many individual elements,” explains Albrecht Reimold. “We are therefore continuously thinking about the measures that we can implement to ensure greater sustainability in our actions – throughout the entire value chain.” A new factory is currently being built at the Porsche headquarters in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen for the first electric Porsche, which will make its debut towards the end of the year. Production of the Porsche Taycan will be CO2-neutral. “We are consistently pursuing our objective of sports car production completely without any ecological footprint,” continues Albrecht Reimold.

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