ABB FIA Formula E's Mario Kart-inspired attack mode race format system has been a notable feature of both of the opening two rounds of the 2018/19 season.

In Saudi Arabia, the teams tackled the system for the first time, with the activation zone's placement more of a talking point ahead of the race than how it impacted on the racing in the full event.

But last time out in Marrakech, the attack mode contributed to a highly-dramatic and multi-layered race, with various approaches and tactics being deployed by drivers up and down the field.

The system has been well received by many drivers and FE paddock observers, but still attracts plenty of criticism over its nature and complexity.

Glenn Freeman, Alex Kalinauckas and Scott Mitchell discuss the system's effectiveness and compare it to other overtaking aids in motorsport - including Formula 1's DRS - and consider the reasons why attack mode is well suited to FE.

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