They are coming.

Customers in Europe eagerly await the news about Tesla Model 3 deliveries (from February) and Tesla just released a photo with Model 3 Dual Motor versions off the production line at Fremont factory.

We know that the first units were already sent, so these three aren't among those on we've been tracking on ships to Europe.

The tweet encourages one to visit the online design studio, which means that Tesla - after not much of a marketing effort in the first year, when the car was available only in North America - seems to be attempting to gather more orders in Europe.

Voluntary dataset (unofficial) gives us a glimpse at the number of orders. As of January 22, 2019 the counter shows 15,786.

Tesla Model 3 orders in Europe – January 3, 2019 (Source: Tesla Model 3: Europe Orders)

Charging inlet

The European charging inlet in the Model 3 is compatible with CCS Combo 2 for 1- and 3-phase charging, as well as DC fast charging from both CCS chargers and Superchargers.

European Tesla Model 3 - CCS Combo-compatible charging inlet

European Tesla Model 3 - CCS Combo-compatible charging inlet

Source: Tesla Model 3: Europe Orders

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