The solution is proper winter tires

As we saw earlier, the dual motor all-wheel drive Tesla Model 3 with MXM4 all-season tires copes pretty well in light snow, even on a slight incline, but how about deeper snow and fresh tracks?

Well, in the following video, Joshua Schultz VR180 found out that the Model 3 AWD can get stuck and even Slip Start mode will not necessarily help out.

Having all-wheel drive definitely improves the car capabilities. However, when the conditions are difficult, only winter tires bring a significant change that enables one to continue to drive safely, at reasonable speeds and not worry much about getting stuck.

The next tests are to be conducted with winter tires. We're excited to see those results too.

From the video description:

"Verdict: You're going to need snow tires if you're driving a Tesla Model 3 in winter conditions.

In this video we get the Tesla Model 3 stuck in the snow. We turn off traction control to find out how much "Slip Start" helps in the situations where you may be in deep snow. The Model 3 gets stuck and can't get out with "Slip Start"

A special "Thanks" to who featured our video last week."

"The Model 3 handles exceptionally well considering I have MXM4 All-Season tires mounted which came with the car. I was hoping that the wheels would all spin much faster than they did. It CAN all be updated with a future software update."

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